Pipe Receiving

Product Delivery Options
At Womble Company, Inc. we make it easy for you to have your pipe delivered to our facilities. We currently offer accessible transportation right to our pipeyards via Barge, Rail and Truck.

Receiving Process
Upon arrival via Truck, Rail or Barge, the product is placed on one of our receiving racks where every bundle is broken and every joint is measured, the stencil detail verified, and unique bar coded serial number is applied to every joint.  The yard crew examines every joint for visually noticeable flaws, such as dents, flat ends, bevel damage, etc. and this information is recorded in our system.  They further inspect the joint and note the presence of lacquer that will need to be removed as well as any other contaminants such as ID oil or OD chlorides.  Once the inspection is complete, the joint is received into our system at that specific receiving rack and is scanned from the rack loaction to the fork truck location to be moved to its pre-coating yard location.  Once the fork truck arrives at the pre-coating yard location each individual joint is scanned from the fork truck to the storage rack location.   
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