Working In The Pipeline Industry For Over 40 years...
Womble Company protects your investment by applying your fully customized Pipe Coating and lining to your Specification,
providing an industry leading solution for pipeline internal linings and external coating protection.
Welcome to Womble Company Inc.

We Have Been Working With The Pipeline Industry For Over 40 years....Offering Fully Customized Pipe Coating Solutions

Womble Company is housed on 235 acres that include the Sheffield office(corporate), Main Yard, West Yard, North Yard, Greensport,
and Kelley Street.  The Main Yard is 90 acres and contains bare pipe, 3 FBE/ARO plants, cement plant, receiving racks, rail car, and
barge dock.  Plant 1 applies FBE and ARO and can accommodate pipe as large as 26” in diameter and up to 70’ long.  Plant 2 applies
FBE and can accommodate joints up to 12” in diameter and up to 58’ long.  Plant 3’s capacities are 12-42” and up to 80ft lengths.  Th
Cement plant is where all concrete weight coating is applied.  This is located directly between plant 2 and the receiving racks.  The
West Yard is 67 acres and contains bare pipe, coated pipe, and sand blasting.  All large diameter FBE and all ARO are housed in the
West Yard.   The North Yard is 43 acres and houses small diameter coated pipe as well as our plant where lacquer and Zap-Wrap are
applied. Further, all four yards are within a mile of the corporate office at Sheffield.   Kelley Street is where all specialty coatings are
applied such as Powercrete, hot coal tar, multi coat systems, tape, ID Concrete, and ID paint.  Greensport shipping terminal is located
within the port, which enables us to receive pipe by direct discharge off of vessels.